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Thanks for coming to, where all of your Chevy transfer case needs are met with high quality products and superior customer service. In fact, you won't believe the wide selection of cases we offer for four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. From the Silverado to the Blazer, we have the most popular Chevy transfer cases on hand and in stock.

About Chevy Transfer Cases

In short, a transfer case is connected to the transmission, drive shafts, and front and rear axles in four-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles. You may sometimes hear it referred to as a transfer gearcase or a transfer gearbox, but the item is still the same.

The transmission sends power to the transfer case, which transmits it to the front and rear axles. Usually, Chevy transfer cases are chain driven, but you may find some exceptions. In fact, if you're driving a truck, you can manually switch the car into two-wheel or four-wheel drive depending on your needs. This operation may be performed through a manual shifter or an electronic switch.

An Affordable Option

If you're in the market for new Chevy transfer cases, you've come to the right place. Repairing a transfer case can be costly. Instead of purchasing one from just any old store, opting to make your purchase with is the best decision you'll ever make. We offer wholesale prices that can't be beat.

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Chevy Transfer Cases in Stock
1008 Steyr 1225HD 1226SHD 1626SHD
3024HD BW1370 BW1372 BW4401
BW4470 BW4472 BW4473 BW4482
MP1222LD MP1625HD MP3010 MP3023LD
NP126 NP136AWD NP208 NP208C
NP226 NP231  NP233  NP241 
NP241 (DLD) NP243 NP246 NP271
NP273 NP8 NV149 NV226
NV231C NV233C NV236 NV241C
NV243C NV246 NV261XHD NV263XHD
NVG149-NP3 T150    
We do not charge an upfront core charge as long as you have a core and are willing to ship it back to us in our container within 2 weeks of receiving the replacement. We will provide a prepaid UPS shipping label to cover that expense but you do need to get it to UPS. There are UPS stores all across the country or you can contact UPS directly to arrange a pick up. They may charge you a small fee, usually less than 20.00 dollars, for this service. Customers who do agree to return their core within 2 weeks of receiving but fail to keep this commitment must be aware that they will be charged the full core value of 600.00.

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Please Note

Electric shift motors (and sensors) are NOT included with any transfer case we sale. You should retain your existing electric shift motors (or sensors) for your replacement transfer case - if at all possible.

We Guarantee

We guarantee you, our customer, that all of our remanufactured transfer cases have been rebuilt using only the highest quality, high impact, replacement components. Before leaving one of our shipping facilities (we ship from both East and West Coast) every remanufactured transfer case has been COMPLETELY tested to meet or exceed your expectations. We run each unit through all spin cycles for quality control to insure you are up and running fast.