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Thinking about picking up a remanufactured Ford transfer case for your truck? You're in luck. We have transfer cases for practically every Ford model. Whether you need a gear-driven case or a chain-drive case, a manually shifted or an electronic switch, we have them all in stock. So, pick up the phone and call us today at (888) 909-4839.

Our Pro-Grade Remanufactured Ford transfer cases are just that...Pro-Grade. They are completely remanufactured with all the latest updates and upgrades including; but not limited to, all new bearings, fork pads, seals, chains and viscous. Every remanufactured Ford transfer case is remanufactured to eliminate all know factory issues - they are the best in the industry.

The Industry's Best

There are plenty of companies out there promising stellar service, but only the Transfer Case Shop can actually deliver on that claim. Quite simply, we're at the top of our game! We do everything in our power to supply our customers with the highest quality Ford transfer cases on the market - for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. When you order a transfercase from us you'll:

  • Get wholesale pricing
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • 90% of orders ship the same day
  • With three shipping locations across the country - ensuring quick delivery
  • Get a 12-month warranty on your Ford transfer case (we believe in the products we sell)

Ordering your next transfer case has never been easier or faster. Don't struggle with complicated order forms or procedures. With 90% of our transfer cases shipping the same-day, we'll get you up and running fast.

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Year Description Model #
Your Cost Core Deposit
 2009-11  (w/o Torque on Demand) (Electric shift) w/o speedo hole  BW4419  $888.47  $350.00
 2008-11  31 spline input, rear slip, cupped front output yoke (manual shift) shift on fly.  BW4418  $1,389.24  $400.00
 2003-04  31 spline input, rear slip, w/ T.O.D. w/o speedo hole (electric shift), w/o mounting hole in front case half  BW4416  $928.35  $350.00 
 2006-08  31 spline input, w/o speedo hole, w/o sensor holes, 32 rear slip. AWD  BW4406  $888.47  $350.00
 2004-08  Exc. Heritage (w/o Torque on Demand) (Electric shift) w/o speedo hole.  BW4406  $928.85  $350.00 
 1999-2008  (w/o Torque on Demand) (manual shift) shift on fly, w/speed sensor hole  BW4406  $928.85  $350.00
 1999-2003  (w/o Torque on Demand) (Electric shift) w/o speedo hole   BW4406  $928.85  $350.00

To order, call (888) 909-4839

We do not charge an upfront core charge as long as you have a core and are willing to ship it back to us in our container within 2 weeks of receiving the replacement. We will provide a prepaid UPS shipping label to cover that expense but you do need to get it to UPS. There are UPS stores all across the country or you can contact UPS directly to arrange a pick up. They may charge you a small fee, usually less than 20.00 dollars, for this service. Customers who do agree to return their core within 2 weeks of receiving but fail to keep this commitment must be aware that they will be charged the full core value of 600.00.

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Please Note

Electric shift motors (and sensors) are NOT included with any transfer case we sale. You should retain your existing electric shift motors (or sensors) for your replacement transfer case - if at all possible.

We Guarantee

We guarantee you, our customer, that all of our remanufactured transfer cases have been rebuilt using only the highest quality, high impact, replacement components. Before leaving one of our shipping facilities (we ship from both East and West Coast) every remanufactured transfer case has been COMPLETELY tested to meet or exceed your expectations. We run each unit through all spin cycles for quality control to insure you are up and running fast.