Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Why don’t you have an online ordering option?
A. Transfer cases can be tricky. With multiple options and models available it’s easy to order the incorrect unit. By speaking with each customer and getting all the information about the vehicle we eliminate mix ups.

Q. How quickly do your units ship?
A. The majority of our units, if ordered early enough in the day, ship the same business day ordered. We use UPS Ground. Travel times vary but most destinations are reached within 2-5 business days of the order being shipped.

Q. How do I know what transfer case I need?
A. Nearly every transfer case produced will have a metal tag on the bottom. It’s almost always visible without removing the transfer case. This tag will have a model number and assembly number. If you just need information we recommend calling your local dealer. If you need a transfer case call us!

Q. Do you charge an upfront core charge?
A. The simple answer is yes and no. Most GMC, Chevrolet, Jeep, Ford and Hummer transfer cases do NOT require an upfront core charge. Several of the Dodge models, IE 271-D, 241’s do require an upfront core charge.

Q. How do we get the core back to you?
A. In every sale where we’ll be getting a core back we’ll supply a prepaid UPS shipping label to handle that. You simply drain all the fluid out of your core, place it in our container, place the prepaid UPS shipping label we have supplied on top and drop it off at your local UPS store.

Q. Do I need to keep my electronics and shift motor off my transfer case?
A. Yes. Shift motors and sensors are not included. If yours are in good shape simply transfer them over.


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Please Note

Electric shift motors (and sensors) are NOT included with any transfer case we sale. You should retain your existing electric shift motors (or sensors) for your replacement transfer case - if at all possible.

We Guarantee

We guarantee you, our customer, that all of our remanufactured transfer cases have been rebuilt using only the highest quality, high impact, replacement components. Before leaving one of our shipping facilities (we ship from both East and West Coast) every remanufactured transfer case has been COMPLETELY tested to meet or exceed your expectations. We run each unit through all spin cycles for quality control to insure you are up and running fast.