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Why the Transfer Case Shop?

There is no alternative to excellence. At The Transfer Case Shop we pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding your expectations. When quality matters, let us put a smile on your face.

  • 18 years in the business
  • Fully staffed tech support department for all remanufactured purchasing customers
  • Huge savings over dealer costs
  • No gimmicks, we offer shops and customers the same wholesale price
  • 24hr customer service to accommodate night/weekend needs
  • You will receive a dedicated consultant that will stay with you the whole way
  • All remanufactured cases are updated and upgraded. All known issues are corrected


Further, our shipping process is extremely quick:

  • 90 percent of remanufactured transfer cases ship the same day
  • Multiple shipping locations from both coasts equal quick delivery


We can be reached at:

888-909-4839 Phone
321-285-8318 Fax

Contact Us

Transfer Case Shop
450-106 S.R 13 N # 151
St Johns, FL 32259

Phone: (888) 909-4839
Fax: (321) 285-8318

8:30am-6pm EST

Please Note

Electric shift motors (and sensors) are NOT included with any transfer case we sale. You should retain your existing electric shift motors (or sensors) for your replacement transfer case - if at all possible.

We Guarantee

We guarantee you, our customer, that all of our remanufactured transfer cases have been rebuilt using only the highest quality, high impact, replacement components. Before leaving one of our shipping facilities (we ship from both East and West Coast) every remanufactured transfer case has been COMPLETELY tested to meet or exceed your expectations. We run each unit through all spin cycles for quality control to insure you are up and running fast.